It's that time of year! Charlie Saves Christmas - Chapter 1 Hey everyone, hope all is well! We thought you might enjoy a little holiday cheer brought ...View Details

Humors Vol.6

The Chains of Maridil: Part 1 Humors Volume 6 continues its exploration in epic poetry, this time with the first-person view of an as yet unknown hero...View Details

The HappyGoLukky Podcast Presents a SUPERCUT: The Resonance | Supercut Our memory of the past is shaped by what we are taught, what we read, what we e...View Details

Humors Vol. 5

AUDIO POETRY The Epic of Eridul: Part 3 Humors Volume 5 continues the Epic of Eridul which expounds the creation story in epic verse. This episode fea...View Details

Humors Vol. 4

The Epic of Eridul: Part 2 Humors Volume 4 continues the Epic of Eridul which traces the early history of a heroic age. This episode features Mike Atc...View Details

In this fourth chapter, Cassie’s amazing powers begin to manifest in a new and terrifying way as she bumps into new people and meets her society’s cel...View Details

Humors Vol. 3

The Epic of Eridul: Part 1 Humors Volume 3 introduces the first portion of the Epic of Eridul which traces the early history of a heroic age. This epi...View Details

Humors Vol. 2

Can you unravel the mystery in each episode of Humors? A prize awaits those that do ... Humors is an audio story experiment - featuring purely sonic s...View Details

Humors Vol. 1

Humors is a new minisode series that employs unique audio techniques to delve into the legends that surround the world of the Charlie and Cassie story...View Details

Cassie has a whole new lease on life after being accepted into the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts at Walnut Grove on full scholarship. At ...View Details

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